Video: The Needle Lady

Pam Turner, inventor of the side threading needle, with her giant display version of the Spiral Eye Needle.

I was given the name "The Needle Lady" at the very first craft show where I introduced my needle. People kept saying, "You have to go see the needle lady!" 

The giant size needle was made for display in my very first Minnesota State Fair booth. I used it to stop people as they walked by.

Thread a Spiral Eye Needle

Threading metallic thread into Pam's Original Spiral Eye Chenille Needle. Notice you can really hear the thread as it locks into the eye.

Side Threading Machine Needle

Threading a Spiral Eye side threading machine needle is amazingly easy!

Threading techniques

There are more than one way to thread a side threading needle. All are quick and easy. The needle in the video is a SENCH side threading needle and regular cotton thread.

How to bury threads

Anita Allen did this quick demo of how to use the Spiral Eye side threading needle to bury thread tails in your quilt.

Learn more about Anita at

Bury the knots in your quilt

Sue Heinz of Kismet Quilting has developed many wonderful tools for quilters. In this video, at around the 2 minute mark, she also demonstrates how to use the Spiral Eye side threading needle to bury knots in your quilt tails. 

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Making hand sewing needles

Video of how traditional sewing needles are made. Spiral Eye Needles have an additional step, the slot and channel into the eye is cut in very small batches to keep tight tolerances on the location.

Making SCHMETZ machine needle

Video shows how SCHMETZ machine needles are manufactured.