Needlepoint Needles

Needlepoint needles are blunt and need to be able to hold larger size thread, floss, yarn, wool. This chart should help narrow down some of the options.

Recommended Mesh counts matched to Spiral Eye Needle sizes


10 Mesh: SE 22T, SE-20T,and SE-13T


12 Mesh: SE 20T

13 Mesh: SE-22T and SE-20T


14 Mesh: SE-22T


18 Mesh: SE-24T

Recommended Spiral Eye Needle sizes match to specific brands of wool/yarn

SE-13 T Colonial Persian Wool, Wool Paternayan, & DMC Tapestry Wool.

SE-20T  Appleton Tapestry wool, Colonial Persian wool, Wool Paternayan, DMC Tapestry wool, Planet Earth Silk

SE-22T Planet Earth silk and Elizabeth Bradley Wool

SE-24T Up to 6 strands of embroidery floss, size 8 Perle Cotton

Obviously there are other brands and types of needles and wool for needlepoint. This is intended as a guide only. Because Spiral Eye Needles thread through a slot in the side of the eye, the actual eye can be much smaller than when you need to get the frayed end of the wool into a traditional eye. It is hard to compare them to each other for this task.

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