Pam Turner with display needle

The Needle Lady

All I wanted to do was sew on a button…

But I had to reinvent the needle to do it!

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most popular Spiral Eye Needles
Spiral Eye side threading needle logo

Never struggle to thread a needle again!

Side Threading Needles
Pam’s original side threading needle.

Made in America out of Surgical grade stainless steel

Easy to thread.

Stays threaded.

Won’t shred your thread.

Has a “stop bump” to lock thread inside the eye.

Side Threading Needles
An economical version of the original Spiral Eye needle.

A simpler geometry.

Made in China with Nickel plating and a gold eye.

Easy to thread.

Stays threaded.

Won’t shred your thread.

STAINLESS needles will never rust.

The Needle Lady Stainless steel hypoallergenic needles made in America
Hypoallergenic Needles
Traditional eye needles

Surgical Stainless Steel

No Nickel Plating

The Needle Lady’s exclusive brand

100% Surgical Grade Stainless Steel. Made in America.

Easy to thread, smaller diameter, larger traditional eye.

The Needle Lady's STAINLESS needle

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