Never Struggle to Thread a Needle Again!

Patented Side-threading Eye
Made in the U.S.A.
100% Surgical Grade Stainless Steel

TapestryMachine Needle
Specialty Needles

Sench Needles are a Cinch to Thread!

Nickel-plated with a Gold Eye

(So you know which end has the eye and which end has the point!)

Set of 6 SENCH Needles
Set of 12 SENCH Needles

stainless steel needles by The Needle Lady

Hypoallergenic – Nickel Free

100% Surgical Grade Stainless Steel
Extra Thin Diameters and Sharp Points
Easy to thread, larger eye opening.
Made in America.

Needle Sets

Traditional Eye Needles
Stainless Steel Needles
Beading Needles
(More Coming Soon!)

What Kind of Project Are You Working On?

How to Thread a Spiral Eye Needle

You thread a Spiral Eye Needle in a spiral motion.

  • Loop the thread
  • Make it snug
  • Move it down the length of the head of the needle
  • When you feel the thread hit the slot draw the loop of thread downward into the slot…then up and into the eye

Notice in the video you can actually hear the thread snap and lock into the eye.

Meet The Needle Lady!

Hi. I’m Pam Turner, inventor of the side threading needle. I invented it because I wanted to be able to just sew on a button, but I couldn’t get a piece of limp thread into a hole I could no longer see.

Since I could not find anyone that could/would make my needle, I had to hand make them one at a time. I would put a piece of wire into the end of a Dremel and press it against a slow wet grinder. With the wire spinning in the opposing direction of the stone wheel I could create a multi angled point.

Those grooves in the hard-stone grinding wheel were made from the thousands and thousands of wires I hand pointed. But the point was the easy part. Making the eye…well that is another story.

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