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I’m Pam Turner,

The Needle Lady

I invented the side threading needle because I wanted to sew on a button but I couldn’t get a limp piece of thread through a hole I couldn’t see.

I offer many kinds of needles. To determine which needle is best for you here are some basic questions to help you narrow your choices.

Are you just looking to mend and put on a button, or do you want to do a project?

What kind of project?  Embroider towels and pillow cases? Cross stitch on Aida? Machine sew? Bury threads on your quilt?

Let me know if you need a needle type I do not offer.

Spiral Eye side threading needle logo

Never Struggle to Thread a Needle Again!

Patented Side-threading Eye

Made in the U.S.A.

100% Surgical Grade Stainless Steel

TapestryMachine Needle
Specialty Needles

Sench side threading needle close up

Sench Needles are a Cinch to Thread!

Side threading needles

Nickel-plated with a Gold Eye

(So you know which end has the eye and which end has the point!)

Set of 6 SENCH Needles
Set of 12 SENCH Needles

The Needle Lady Stainless steel hypoallergenic needles made in America
stainless steel needles by The Needle Lady

Hypoallergenic – Nickel Free

100% Surgical Grade Stainless Steel

Extra Thin Diameters and Super Sharp Points

Easy to thread, larger eye opening.

Made in America.

Set of three Stainless needles

PONY needle logo

Needle Sets

High Quality, Traditional Eye Needles

Surgical Grade Stainless Steel Needles

And Beading Needles

(More Coming Soon!)

How to Thread a Spiral Eye Needle

Thread a Spiral Eye Needle in a spiral motion. Just imagine drawing the letter Z.

  1. Hold the needle horizontally.
  2. Make sure the opening of the eye slot is toward the ceiling.
  3. Make a loop of thread, put it over the center part of the needle
  4. Holding the loop snuggly against the needle, slide loop toward the eye.
  5. Stop when you feel the thread find the slot opening.
  6. Pull thread in a downward angle into the slot
  7. And then move the thread into the actual eye of the needle

Notice in the video you can actually hear the thread snap and lock into the eye.

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