• Hypoallergenic Sewing Needles

    Gold Plated and 100% stainless steel needles

Hypoallergenic Needles

The Needle Lady’s brand: STAINLESS steel needles and SPIRAL EYE Needles and PONY gold plated needles are all hypoallergenic are good options for people allergic to nickel.

Most hand sewing needles are made out of heat treated iron and plated with nickel to give them a shiny surface. Unfortunately many people are allergic to nickel. Everyone knows cheap jewelry has nickel in it and they might even be allergic to their new earrings or necklace. They know that jewelry will give them a rash and make them itch, but they never thought about their itchy fingers or red eyes when sewing with nickel plated needles. Nickel itch from nickel plated needles is far more common than most people realize. So pay attention on your next project. Do you find your fingers itching? Do you rub your eyes and they get red?

All stainless steel contains a small amount of nickel in the recipe to make it, but the amount of nickel in the surgical grade stainless should work for everyone. The Stainless steel in the Spiral Eye side threading needle is called 17-4 and the stainless steel.

The Needle Lady’s STAINLESS needle is made from stainless 420. As is the PONY stainless steel needles. Those have a polish on top of the stainless so you do not even touch the steel.

Gold plating is another way to make a needle useable for a person with allergies to Nickel plating. The Needle Lady offers some Gold Plated needles with traditional eyes, made by PONY.