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stainless steel needles by The Needle Lady

Hypoallergenic  –  No Nickel Plating

Stainless steel needles are the answer!

Not just stainless steel…there are many types of stainless steel that has enough nickel in it to irritate you. The Needle Lady’s stainless-steel needles are surgical grade stainless steel. Made of just the right metal combinations to not irritate. Then polished smooth and shiney.

Unlike traditional sewing needles, The Needle Lady’s STAINLESS  needles have NO NICKEL PLATING to wear off. They can even be sharpened using emery (like the stuff is inside that little strawberry on the old-fashioned tomato pin cushion or even with a fine emery board).

Traditional sewing needles are made with nickel-plated iron which tends to be brittle and will snap and break. 100% stainless steel needles never rust and are more flexible under pressure.

Notice the shape of the ey, too. Not a circle. Not even an oval. This rounded corner rectangle shape makes room for thread so you can thread it easier than a similar size needle by other manufacturers.

Are you allergic to the metal in earrings?

Have you ever noticed your fingers itch after you sew?

Or that your eyes get red when sewing (from rubbing your eyes with those same itchy fingers)?

You may be one of the millions of people allergic to nickel. Maybe you even know you are allergic to nickel…because you cannot wear cheap jewelry without getting irritation.

Well, most sewing needles are nickel plated. That means the time you spend sewing using traditional sewing needles is exposing you to an allergen.

nickel allergy reaction

Photo by DermNetNZ

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