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Pam Turner is "The Needle Lady"

 < Pam Turner, inventor of the side threading needle, spent three years of research and development and then six months grinding points on pieces of wire until she found a family run small shop in Minnesota that would make her "Spiral Eye" needles. 

How did she become "the needle lady"?

I remember laughing as Mom struggled to thread a needle. Glasses resting on her nose, she trimmed the end of the thread, sucked on it, failed to get it threaded and re-trimmed it. Then, forty years later, when it was me saying, "We've been to the moon! Why can't someone fix the needle?"  it wasn't so funny. Since no one else had fixed the needle, I decided it was up to me.

Pam's original Spiral Eye Needles have a slot into the side of the eye, so they are easy to thread. And, in the eye there is a small  "stop bump" to lock the thread inside.

Made in America, out of surgical grade stainless steel, with her complex patented "slot and channel" design to her eye was very expensive. And manufacturing on non dedicated equipment in small batches added to the costs.

Not everyone wanted to pay how much it costs to make needles like that.

So Pam searched out the best needles to offer for everyone's budget and needs.

Pam met with needle manufacturers from around the world.

Needles are more than diameter and length and size of the eye. They must "feel" right. 

All of the needles on this site have been chosen for their unique qualities, so everyone can find a favorite needle.

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