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Sench Needles are a Cinch to Thread!

SENCH side threading needles are a simplified version of the Spiral Eye Needle. Manufactured in China, they are less expensive to manufacture. Sench side threading needles are the perfect option if you just want to put on a button, mend a hem or embroider a towel and you no longer can or want to thread a regular needle’s eye.

The gold eye was added because I struggled to tell which end had the eye and which had the point.

Nickel plated steel with gold eye. Made in China.

Don’t be fooled by illegal knock offs that are being advertised on facebook, eBay, and Amazon. I own the patents. They are knocking me off and selling them for more than I charge for my needles.

SENCH Needles
(Spiral Eye Needles made in CHina)

SENCH is trademark pending by PST Innovations, LLC

Patents issued:

US 8,151,720 B2
Canada 2,755,302
Europe 2,406,419

You thread a SENCH needle in a spiral motion.

  • Loop the thread
  • Make it snug
  • Move it down the length of the needle
  • When you feel the thread hit the slot, draw the loop of thread downward into the slot…then up and into the eye
  • Notice, in the video, the 6 strands of embroidery floss are actually going into the slot one at a time. But the eye holds all 6.

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SENCH needles

SENCH Needles

A set of 12 needles includes

3 Diameter .03   inch: length 1.4 inch
3 Diameter .03   inch: length 1.5 inch
3 Diameter .03   inch: length 1.6 inch
1 Diameter .03   inch: length 2.0 inch
1 Diameter .035 inch: length 2.3 inch
1 Diameter .04   inch: length 2.6 inch

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