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Fish Baiting Needles

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Surgical needles

Surgical needles with traditional eyes and with drilled and ends with sutures attached onto the end available. Coming soon

Hypoallergenic Needles

Stainless steel hand sewing needles.

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How to thread a Fish Baiting Needle

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Fish Baiting Needles


Sew your line through your bait so the hook is on the end of the bait the fish will attack first.

So easy: you can thread it with cold, slimy fingers while in a boat.

Won't rust in your tackle box!

  • Slip your 6 pound test line into this Spiral Eye Needle and sew the needle and the line through the length of your worm or bait.  
  • Pull the entire needle out the other  end of the bait.  
  • Use the needle to thread your hook.  
  • Results: Your bait will move naturally in the water with the hook at the end  of the bait the bigger fish is going to bite at first. 

Spiral eye (R) fish baiting needles are sharp stainless steel needles with the patent pending side threading eye.

  • The Spiral Eye Fishbatiting hook is 6.5" long
  • .032" in diameter
  • Holds 6# test line

How Fishermen use the Spiral Eye Needles

  • Fly fishermen have this fish baiting needle to quickly and easily capture their line off a spool because of the side threading eye.
  • Others use the SE-1 needle to thread their line through the eye of a painted jig. The SE-1 is slightly thicker diameter and is under 1.5" long.
  • And the SE-8B beading needle is popular for making Lindy Rigs.