Pam Turner

The US Patent and Trademark Office featured the Spiral Eye Needle

The Spiral Eye Needle

The Spiral Eye Needle

Pam Turner Reinvented the Sewing Needle

Woman with red hair and red shirt smiling. Head and shoulders shot.For over 50 years, the Minnesota Inventors Congress has had an inventors expo in

Counterfeit knock-offs

I saw an ad by FirstDailyDeals on my facebook page and almost threw up. Here on MY personal facebook page was an ad for The One Second Needle (which I used to get royalties from but Telebrands discontinued selling the …

Surviving the Minnesota State Fair

The Minnesota State Fair gets over two million visitors during the last 12 days of summer, ending on Labor Day.  12 hours. 12 days.

In 2008 I sold one needle on a stick. That was my first year with …

needle and thread

How to thread a sewing needle.


Search through the umpteen packages of needles you have had since high school to find one with the largest eye. Carefully cut the end of the thread at an angle. After three tries, put a quarter in …

There Are Many Ways to Thread a Side-Threading Needle!

I put this short video together to show you a few different ways to thread a side-threading needle. Some methods work better than others for some people! Give them all a try.